About us

Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing has been creating spearfishing content since it was established in 2009. Aquatic Rehab’s portfolio includes videography for national geographic, dedicated videography for spearfishing stores and television work. Since mid 2017 Aquatic Rehab has shifted it’s focus to create an in depth video product called the How To Spearfish video series.

This series has been created to help new spearos to hunt fish successfully and ethically from very early on in their spearfishing career. As well as the How To Spearfish series Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing is also creating free online spearfishing content in the form of the new “Spearo Series” episodes available on facebook and youtube. For updates and more information you can follow Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing on their facebook page here

Luke Potts from Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing has linked up with local Spearfishing charters to offer a guiding and underwater videography/photography service to clients looking to hunt our local New Zealand species and also tropical Pacific Island species. If you would like further details on guiding or charters get in touch at info@aquaticrehabspearfishing.co.nz.